Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rough Budget

CYCLING AROUND AFRICA (Arusha to Cape Town 60, 000km 40,000miles)


Bike 200 USD 120USD by myself and the remain by Globe Alliance
for Africa.

Helmet funded by LIMAR-ITALY
Tubes 4 20USD

Tires 80USD (founded by Global Alliance for Africa)

Bike Tools (repair kit) 100USD (not yet funded)

Bicycle Bags funded (20 Euro) By VAUDE Germany

Cycling clothes funded (30 Euro) By VAUDE Germany

Cycling glove

Cooker/Stove 100USD ($65funded anonymous)

Food 200USD (funded by my friend Thilo from Germain)

Hostel/Camping 150USD (not yet funded)

Return Bus(Emergency) 100USD (not yet funded)

Visas 100USD (funded by Eric

Health/Medicine 200USD (not yet funded)