Thursday, May 21, 2009

160km bicycle test

I wake up 6:30am this is not common to me. I’m early raiser usually I wake up 5:00am. I get out and find it is raining, what is a great disappointment as I was planning to cycle to Moshi town and come back in the same day. After long internal argument I decide to cycle no matter the whether condition.

I left 800am as it was still rain but not heavy. After few kilometers from when I start to cycle the rain went off. The sun comes out when I was near to reach Moshi. This was very nice riding as the cold cool the body.

On the way I meet El Bariki doing the exercise for up coming racing completion. He told me he will participate with his club, Mount Meru Cycling Club. We didn’t know each other but he told me he used to see me in the town. I left El Bariki who was going back to Arusha town and continue with my cycling.

I found a lot of the people busy on the farm, removing the weeds and put fertilize on the middle size maize, the common food crop. The green pusure recovering and provide food to the cattle, sheep, goat and donkey. Livestock are looked healthily compare to the time before rains.

I reach Moshi town 11:30am, I use three hours and half to cover 80km. I stopped at the Central Garden which situated few meter from Moshi Bus terminal, nearby keep left and regional postal offices.

I had lunch at Moshi then start to cycle back to Arusha 3:00pm. This time was bit hot but after about 50 km the sun start to sink on the west and left the sky in the golden color. I reach Arusha town before dark.