Sunday, July 5, 2009

ZIMBABWE, In the moment of crises comes the changers

In the Zimbabwe border post which was less crowded compare to Nakonde, I got the transit visa pushed my bicycle to the get where I found three police. One of them asked "Your passport sir? (Sir? Not common hear people called me Sir, this remind me to school when I stated learn English). I handed him my passport. After a short while he stayed again "I want to have a look on your bags Sir". He had a brief search but seem there was nothing in particular. It wasn't a real searching, perhaps, they were curious to see what this crazy man on the bicycle with several bags carrying.
The Victoria Falls town in Zimbabwe side is situated few kilometers from the border post. With all reason the town was grown because of the tourism activities which seems to be started long time compare to the Zambia side. Even the entrance fees are different in Zam is 10 US$ P.P., Zim side is 20US$ P.P. I overnight at the backpacker which found in the area. In the reception produce 50,000,000 Zimbabwe dollar which I bought for 1US$ in Zam to pay my bills but it was refused. The dread locks with several rings in his part of body receptionist told me you need several of those to get bread here ma men. That means the Zim currency doesn't work, due to the high ever inflatation in the country, payment done in US$ and R.S.A rand (ZAR). The crisis was the result of land reform, let say change of social economic structure to include majority black Zimbabwean. The matter take political shape and ruin general election which left the oldest African president, Robat Mugabe about four decade on the chair and stillneed some more. Developed world injected sanction on Mugabe’s government which later lose the rope and share leadership with leading opposition part kind of concept which adopted with other African governments such Kenya where democracy is still a day light dream. Mugabe lead Zimbabwe into 14 years armed straggle which help the country to achieve it formal independent April 1980. Before 1980the country was called Southern Rhodesia, a name that honored Cecil Rhodes, the British imperialist who had masterminded the colonial occupation of the territory in the late nineteenth century. For its black Africa majority, Rhodesia’s name was thus an expression of their subordination to a small minority of privileged white settlers whose racial hegemony was the product of Rhode’s conquest. Such structure took place even after formal independent with strong influence from developed country who impose gravely sanction to the country and Mugabe when he attempted to change it. The new name, Zimbabwe was symbolic of the greatness of the nation’s pre-colonial roots. Developed courtiers with their one side views made the situation of ordinary citizen more badly. Young got an excuse to leave the country, man venture beyond the boder find job make most of it with little concern of their family back home, and woman as usually they are the one who have to play major part. I met lot of them from Tanzania, zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa try to trade whatever possible in order to save families back home. Wherever situation is in Zim, the country is still among of strongest in Africa with potential people who now want change. In any moment of transformation there is crises, perhaps it is the price for changers.
The backpacker was crowded with young traveler, I had long conservation with two Jewish. They explained to me how the situation was back in Israel where by young male and female have to join the army before continue with higher education. We discus the matter with it general concept of maintain security in the Middle East. My friend told me that it is not all youth agree with that idea some of them have the view of peace and finish the differences but Ironically, such ideal no chance in community. For those who attempt to go further against ideological war likely save several year jail sentences. These friends they finished army train recently work and save a bit which allow them to venture out and explore the world.
In the next day I left Victoria Falls town, cycled towards west instead of south to the central of the country as previous plain. I passed through Kazingula forest reserve, the home of the different animals such elephants, zebras, giraffe, et cetera live within miombo woodland and river valleys of Kasani and Zambezi. The flat terrains with rolling hills good tarmac road, less traffic, no pedalist, and morning cold morning made 70km for 3hrs with good sensations. Animals such giraffes, elephants, baboons, etc plus several bird species was the moving creatures I could see.

When I reached Kazingula border post everyone was in awe stuck . One of solder in the gate asked "My friend how can you dare to cross in the wildlife area with bicycle? Unfortunately, I had no proper answer for him so I just give him a smile instead of my answer “I just did”, I worry this may sound bit rude.