Monday, January 4, 2010

Southern Sudan and Ethiopia.

The journey was long and slow with several stops for prayers as the travellers was Muslims as well as eating and pee. I had to join 5 times prayer a day, use the little water we fetch on the oases to wash or merely weep different part of body including heard, hands, bu***ock and feet. Washing and prayer's postures sound like yoga. In calmness just interrupted by wind only,tried to follow the prayer words just much with my fellows but the young man, my guide, told me it wasn’t wise to say anything since I didn’t understand Arabic. For this reason and that one I do not speak the language of the people I'm with wasn't make me feel good so I start to learn few words day by day. I enjoyed my new experience, prayer made me felt safe in the middle of these strong believer folks, they are strangers but with their sense of humour, kind and welcome nevertheless I could think negative.

Travel day and night, in the full moon and thousands stars but chill cold nights and the hot with bright sun days; we stopped in several villages, absolutely in the middle of know where, once I wonder What if these people decide to sacrifice me? "I'll run in this desert" answered myself. I wish I had their location cods (Latitude and Longitude) so I could such in the goggle map today perhaps I can, we all the satellite maps, why not? In other village found in the total sand plains with few Balanite and Acacia trees, we found villagers living in the tents, my interpreter told me they were nomad peoples. Together we visit some tents which he knew, here is when I was shocked with their kindly character, saved with woman who had to knell down to welcome us or great, we were forced to eat and drink. I wonder myself, these people living in the middle of no where they should conserve what they have got but ironically they seemed not to care for that, this desert teach them the lesson which I haven't yet to lent. Such experience remind to the peoples living in the place of abundant but with over greed and find more rather than use what they have. I was and still fond of that community with their amazing customs and understand of the state of material. I asked my friend if I can live with them. He passed this question to an old man who invited us black coffee with sweet stuff like resins. The old man replayed “sure, I will marry him my daughter and offer them two camels to help them start life”. Till today I am still thinking about the offer, perhaps I have to work hard to fill my blank space then return to live such unique life in that world.

What seemed like end less journey continue through semi-desert areas. In the bright blue sky there were what I thought to be falcons or other rapturous souring for entire day. Late I found out some were migratory birds flying higher probably to escape hot backed surface. In occasion we met solders but non bother with each, neither caravan no solders. I almost forget day and dates even time which wasn’t existed to my fellows, they can look on the sky and know it was time to pray. It was among of the time I was ever free from modern world of unnecessary time which often is source of frustrations.

There was no need to ask where I was as I though it maybe kind of nonsense question to my fellow so I maintain same pace just calm and do what needed on the time which was, be calm!.In the remote southern part of Ethiopia we met different peoples of different culture described by their dress code, houses, ornaments,etcetera. It could be rude to ask my fellows who were these peoples? as it is common in tourist areas. My followers seemed to understand things basically or in the way that I couldn’t grasp. Among of the people I saw in southern Ethiopia were woman who wear plate like in their lower lips. Other were both sex wear sticks in their noise. Most of the peoples I found were unusual even for general looking. I promise to go back there for much discovery.

After what was cycling turned to came ride, we arrived in northern Kenya at Lake Turukana basin.