Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We arrived here, in northern Kenya, The caravan had to left me here as they continue to with their round trip. I was wonder how should I thank them to make sure they appreciate my feeling but they where before me as they said “never mind, you are welcome any time”. I hitch hike from Turukana’s people land after heard the rumours that these ferocious nilots people who massacre lot of people in the recently post election clashes may confuse me with what called "GEMA community". GEMA community is he community which include Ge-Kuyu, Kamba, etcetera who are Bantu from central Kenya, seemed to be among of the well developed people therefore sized lot of opportunity within the country hence tribalism. The country political have characterized with such ethnics aspect hence recent post election clashes which took about 200 hundred people’s life and left others become internal refugees.

I arrived at Malaba town where I stamp my passport. I took bus to Nairobi after deep experienced chest/heart pain whenever I tried to cycle for more than 40kms.
In the busy city of Nairobi I stayed at Nairobi Polytechnics University where I stay with friend I met on the bus. A friend and others who I met there were very helpful for my stay in Nairobi. Visited different places of this city strengthened with tourist industry and growing number of manufacture and service which made the it as commercial centre of East Africa. There is slightly different with other Africa cities I have been, much of the different may be owe it origin from colonial era and the country good contact with western contrary to the neighbour Tanzania whose become fond to socialist during the post independent time. In the general view all east Africa countries nevertheless escape the fact that they share much in common rather than differences. ordinary folks, with their slight different of culture, tradition and customs bond together by natural environment and evolutions.

I’ll cycle back to Arusha about 300kms after met the doctor who said the pain may be caused by cold.

Bicycle tours are an excellent and intimate way for the intrepid traveller to truly discover a nation and its people: freed from the physical and cultural constraints of motorized transport, one is able to experience the reality of a place.These were very last though as I cycle back to civilized life.