Thursday, June 17, 2010

The out come

Prior to Cycling around Africa (visibility study) this so far on the saddle took me to twelve African countries. It was worthwhile, as much I lent as many I experienced, amongst them is environmental (ecology) and it influence in the social development. As I rod in the print before pedal as I practical saw, without much industries (except very south of continent) perhaps which could help to keep the pace of modern human, Southern Sahara in high percent rely upon it natural environment to sustain it generations. Having know that and share the though with expertise we will lead annual expedition with annual theme and involvement in suitable development in the, most, rural areas.

In the began the expeditions will take part in East Africa, Why East Africa? It unique position makes it vulnerable as well so we decide to put emphasize on this part in order to protect it as well as to try to develop it in the more balance way. First expedition will be cycling around Tanzania (Tour de Tanzania, TDT) race and expedition, it is an opportunity to train yourself in the natural bounty but enough challenge, it an opportunity to visit most popular games in the world some as you sit on your saddle, it is an opportunity to come together with very traditional people; share what you may and perhaps support them if you think fit. And probably much more as you may know, all for 50USD per day, for 50 day including climb Kilimanjaro, camping, meals and what?

Second expedition is “Three Summits”, the overland tour around East Africa with Mt.Kenya, Ruwenzori and Kilimanjaro climb and other traditional overland activities. Perhaps you know something about Africa dream to support it this is you chance to rise very single dollar and we will accompany you to the African highest peaks.

Both expedition may sound like military train, absolutely not, they are highly catering to make sure you appreciate them mental and physical, we try to make them comfortable and enjoyable as much as possible, with support tracks in cycling expedition and high experienced leaders in “Three Summits”. The expedition will start official 1st May 2011, 50 days on the road including climb Kilimanjaro followed by “three summits” on 1st July for 36 days around East Africa.

Here is the itineraries