Monday, November 7, 2011

When books are open we find that we have wings….

When books are open we find that we have wings….

 Inspiration its one of driving power which drive us to achieve so many things in our life, guess ever one have been inspired. When I share my achievement with other especial here back home it happen to find there two main group of audience, first group understand that there inspiration, motivation, etc behind me while the second group thought is a miracle and I just happen to do them by chance. This remands me a beautiful passage from Jane Goodall “Reason for Hope” ‘Africa is locked in a time warp of mystification. Africans mystifies everything. It is the pseudo-modernism of today’s Africa: one foot in the primitive and heavily complexed past and another in Modernism, in a superfluous and destructively competitive way; with no heart in it. It is the same way, through lack of understanding; or un willingness of commit the effort to understand…’ Even though I have never gave too much thought about my inspiration but when I feel this I start to think of long list of inspiration.

The list vary from folks I hear about, meet, what I see (Hollywood movies), etc but the one I remember very well it is the one I attain through complex way of peaking one alphabet combine them to make a word, sentence, process it in the brain till I can use it as I knowledge and understand; BOOKS, books carry lot of mystery, this is my list which has a great influence on me in terms of inspiration. Chinua Achebe’s - These were literature books with fictionalized stories of Nigeria which fit in so many sub-Sahara Africa countries.

 His work such as ‘Things fall apart and Man of the people’ were a stories which before I though it was shame, it was about our awkwardness but after reading it several time I found out it was worth tell story, in young age I was starting to feel proud of my history. I was inspired by the way he twists the reality; put it in fun way with sense of humor yet very concerning. I think there are more stories like that need to be told and I was read to find them one day.

  Think Big-(Ben Cason) - I grow up in the Christian family pass to all religions to reach ‘respect others believe, mother nature is a supreme’. Thanks that Christianity emphasize on learning more. Ben made it out from huge pool of racial discrimination, suburbs of Detroit and single parent childhood. His work which connected with Christianity is dedicated to youth realizing their potential through ‘Power of positive thinking’ while inspire with his achievement.

  Reason for Hope - (Jane Goodall) I’m motivated to see the conservation of nature given a priority in our daily life. Jane’s story is one of its kind, how she made it all the way, come up with her mission ‘Education, Conservation and Humanitarian’. I share her optimism. Into Africa - This book come in when it come to the question of adventures and history. It combination of obsession, desire of fame, passion, etc sent first Europeans explores into Africa.

 Here it is their encounters which are total unimaginable. It also talking of their discovery impacts and consequences such as ends of slave trade and pass Africa to colonial rulers. Paulo Coelho’s - Despite of his books having lots of contradictions and face high criticism back home, Coelho still influence and stimulate lots of people.

 I come across ‘The Alchemist’ before taking off on my first long bike ride; It was a piece of work which give rebirth of dreams. It was easy to find all of his books from different part, backpacker’s hotel shelves, other travelers, etc. ‘The young all have the same dream: to save the world. Some quickly forget this dream, convinced that there are more important things to do, like having a family, earning money, travelling and learning a foreign language. Others though, decide that it really is possible to make a difference in society and to shape the world we will and on future generation’ Paulo Coelho. Lance Armstrong- Since I switched my awareness in the bike, I come to know this several times winner of Tour De France/cancer survivor, read his bio and achievement it enough to inspire any one. The list run so on and so forth, now I’ll be happy to share them here as part of my inspiration and motivation.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

And beyond…. Chile To Kili

On my 25th birthday, I organized and lead 10 students on a mission - trail cleaning, natural studying and, finally, reaching the summit of Mt. Meru. I first conducted a natural study in Arusha National Park, followed by a small, yet meaningful birthday celebration when we reached the summit. The weather was not at its best, but we made it.

 We made it to the top! Such trip is unusual for the local Tanzanians and indeed, it was the first time for the students, which meant so much to us all, specially myself, I was honored to take the lead as one of the committee member of Wildlife Conservation Society. The same day, we lunch our fund raising project on scholarship for disadvantage students who aim to study and work in the natural resource management field in Tanzania.

Growing up, I have always been interested and involved in nature conservation. I am extremely frustrated seeing the high level environmental degradation around us with lack of passionate and committed local professionals and their minimum involvement. I know that I must take actions to raise awareness of environmental protection, not only for myself, but for us and all our generations to come. My first try was to cycle around Africa and see the Motherland as a whole (

 A few years of idea sharing with friends and support from around the world, it came to the idea of “Chile to Kili,” my around the world fund raising project in bringing up perspective future environmentalists. The mission is to raise $100,000 scholarship for Tanzanian students who wish to study and work in the natural resource fields.

 I am cycling on my two wheels to navigate the world in December. I will meet with conservation stakeholders along the way and put in a few hours each day working with them from Santiago to Kilimanjaro. Throughout the project, I shall encourage the use of bicycles as transportation, as well as exchange thoughts and ideas on carbon reduction with people I meet en route. It took two months of preparation for the planning of this project to be where it is now.

 Thanks to so many people, it has been successful so far and I would not have been able to get this far without any of their help. Less than three months left before my flights to Chile, I must focus on fund raising alone, as it is the first step of the execution of my whole project. Therefore, I would appreciate any donation possible from you. The amount goes directly to the Conservation Resource Center account: Bank name: Barclays Bank. Branch:Arusha Branch code: 002 Account name: Conservation Resource Centre Account number: 9001901 SWIFT CODE: BARCTZTZ We are setting up PayPal and First Giving accounts later to facilitate online donations. For those who would like to take fund raising to the next level(even a Captain Fund Raiser!), they may create an account at the “Fist Giving” website under Chile to Kili, then collect funds from their friends.

 I am asking you to please help me in support of our community and the beauty of nature that surrounds us which we seem to forget sometimes. For us, our children and the generations to come, let us all learn to love and respect our mother earth by preserving nature and protecting our environment. We should not only rely on organizations but one person, one step at a time! Should you have any project related question or concern, please feel free to email me: Looking for customized bicycle tours Thank you.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Around Kili with Peter Gostelow

I left Arusha late and drove to the foothills of Kilimanjaro at Marangu village to meet my grandma. I had long chart because have been a year without seeing her, she is getting more older and more worried. At 6:30am I was awoken with big knock on the door “you said you want to leave early” my grand called out, reminding me of the days of primary school.

I was bit lazy but thankfully the coffee was ready, so I assembled my bike as sipping large mug of coffee after that the full breakfast was ready. At 7:30 I was ready on the road warming up with rolling hills, though it took time to become hot as the weather was bit chilly which made the breathing difficult.

It’s always fun to cycle in this banana and coffee plantation with some tall and huge trees like albizia, avacados, mangoe, etc. This time it was totally exhilarating. For more than ten years of living here a tarmac road was a far dream, but now it almost all paved! Can’t help to think of the dust from fast drivers and uncountable pot holes.

 Passing through chains of villages all with schools near the road, I attract great deal of interest. Students keep running out and shouting ‘Mzunguu! What is my name?, What is this?” Tarmac road with relative little traffic,
picturesque landscape with twin Kili peaks , breezing wind with a little bit of sun, and lush green mountain farms and forest make for the perfect day, no matter how many times I cycle here.

I stopped for a coke in the market but forced to finish my drink quickly to avoid the crowed of curious local which was starting to get bigger than I can handle. From Tarake the road becomes more than rolling hills, it is long climbing with few flats, thanks to tailwind. The human habitats stop at Rongai North Kili forest gate.

The mixed forest planted and natural forest is so calm, lots of wildlife (plenty of birds) and I was lucky enough black and white colobus monkeys on the river stared at me as I was stare at them.
I made it to Rongai village and border without border post, there a hundred old wooden bands for forest workers. I try to find food in a local restaurant locally know as ‘hotel.’ Please don’t ask for rooms! I popped in the one pointed by pass by, ‘do you have food?’ ‘yes’ ‘what kind of food?’ ‘Chai and chapatti’ (tea and chapatti), ‘where can I find food?’ ‘probably on that big tree.’

I maneuver the way to the big tree and after some direction from maaasai men sitting under tree (as normal). It a M-kamba woman (from the Kenyan plains) ‘ Uko na chakula?’ (do u have food?) Ndio, chain a madnazi! 9yes tea and some cakes) ‘Thanks, where can I get real food like rice and beans?’ ‘Just try at the end o0f the village’ At he end of the village, a woman dress well compared to the rest of the villagers with the hood; ‘Habari gani? ‘alkhumsalam’ (ooh she replay like I said salamu alekhum, she is Muslim).

Do you have food? ‘Yes but not now, we cant it now because its holey month’ Thanks, ‘we’ Holey Month’ Doesn’t make any sense to me. I should probably cook but before I decide that someone offered me a direction to somewhere else. By the way, this isn’t a large village. You can just see every where so that is easier than cooking. At this last place took 2 1/2hrs to get rice and beans.

I’m now tired and exhausted. It seems like Peter is not going to make to here as the plan, but I’ll wait for his update. I went in the guest house we slept last time. It is just a wooden room of 4.30m wide and 8m long, but it make sense to be called guest house because it cost me 3000Tsh (approx 2$). Around 4pm Peter text ‘45km away, not sure if I can make it, probably I’ll bush camp’.

 Behind the guest house there was football match and from time to time the ball hit the corrugated iron of my room with a scream, so I couldn’t take a nap. I just wander in the football pitch. The match seemed to be bit serious as I found more spectators than I expected, and players with formal jerseys with hand written numbers.

The scene where like imaginary football match on the green pitch surrounded by old wooden bandas, all kinda folks children to adult watching a match, goats, sheep cattle roaming around, forest and hug mass of land with white peak. After 20minuts of watching I could predict the match so there was no point of standing there.It was sun down so better take a walk. I took a walk towards the mountain. The walk was a perfect call, there was an awesome view of mountain two peaks connected with a saddle with colorful reflection from sun set (I wish I had a good camera).

The lush green with high diversity of plant as much as my eyes could tell, the birds call were so varying, fiscal shrike and pygmy falcon perch on electrical polls waiting for last insects to show up, bunch of Hartilabs Turaco telling each how was the day from far, couple Tropical Boubou calling each and paradise fly catcher busy in the mating.

This was probably walking to the little paradise. I walk back in the house when it was dark made my spaghetti and canned beans dinner. I set off at 7am to cycle the cloudy and chilly cold mountain, at some point the road return to the rolling hills. It was too cold with little rain in those long down hills.
I stopped in one village for chai. Peter texted ‘I’m getting lazy in my old age, still lying in the tent listening to music but soon I’ll be on the road’.

At Kamwanga village where the green forest turn to dry savannah stretching from mountain to Kenyan plains also the tarmac road turns to gravel road with some dust pool. After about 20km from Rongai I was now aware that I might loose Peter probably in the bush or chai stop, I stopped a motor bike driver coming from different direction, ‘Did you pass mzungu on the bike?’ ‘no’ ‘where are you from?’ ‘olmolong’ ‘how far from here?’ ‘may be 2km’ !!! ‘how long do you think it will take me to be there?’ may be 1/30hrs’ ‘Thanks very much and safari njema’.

 Five kilometers ahead I meet a maasai on his cool traditional dress cord; ‘Habari rafiki? ‘Have you seen mzungu on the bike?’ ‘Yes’ ‘Where’ ‘Here’’ When?’ ‘About 2 or 3 days ago’ Thanks, see you later.’ About 2km from maasai guy Peter was struggling uphill with his heavy loaded bike. We just laugh at each as we great each, we have been up to date each for couple of days .

Before going further I just ask Peter, “how did you sleep he just laugh more. ‘I camped after dark, it happened to be the wrong spot, because it was behind a chickens pen. There were tons of cock calling just in my head from 3am or so. 10m from my tent it was pig pen, the smell was unbearable in the morning. But all is fine’ “All is Fine!!” More or less that is what I could say as well so I now realized we’re on the same page.
We stop for about half an hour talking on different subjects. We resume our cycling towards the mountain to Rongai when we start to feel cold.

Me and Peter we knew each about 3yrs ago when I was researching for my cycling around Africa mission, in that time he was arriving back home from China by bike. He cycled a lot in central and southern Asia,
actually this there where he started his bikes touring adventures. When he was setting off for ‘Big Cycle Africa’ we hope to meet but never schedule it. Peter cycle for his own pace with plan of London to Cape Town, he said he always tell people that he will be in Cape after 6 months now it almost 2yrs on road and he’s still telling me he will be in Cape after 6 months.
Talking with Peter about his adventure in Africa I think is a first cyclist who had real enjoy and experience ‘real’ Africa. Despite robber attack in Senegal and theft of all electronic equipments in Kenya he is still super positive and never related them with his biking experience. The both happen out of cycling, he took the wrong walking path in Senegal and Kenya incident was thief in the recommended guest house where he stayed while distributing mosquito net which is a cause of his Africa adventure.

Malaria is a disease which is a cause of many death in Africa than any, since there have been little done to eradicate this disease a cause like Peter's it invaluable. He is going through most remote part of the continet, central Africa, Congo, etc and set up mosquito nets distribution. I think this is among of worth cause to undertake.

 Good work Peter! Our meeting was bit strange, after few hours together it was like we knew each for ages. We talked of many different things than bikes. We had later lunch at Tarakea, continued with cycling slow with Peter’s pace, exchanging bikes, make some silly games with locals while listen to Fela Kutte in his external speakers. The dark found us at Rombo, we sorted accommodation here, had long conversation over diner. This was the perfect time for me to talk with Peter about my coming expedition; “Chile to Kili”. The plan is to raise money to offer scholarships for motivated Tanzania students who want to study Natural Resource Management or Environmental Conservation. I

 am one of these students, who has been struggling to find funding for school. On the way I plan to raise awareness for Nature/environment conservation in different ways. This is quite the same mission with Peter of raise money to “Fight Against Malaria in Africa”. Peter likes the idea a lot, he believes it will be also an inspiration for most of the youth especial African. He relates this with his talking he did in Africa. He is also down to come and join me for couple of weeks in somewhere like Mongolia; “I cant imagine what will be the reaction of people who have never see a black man before” he concluded.

The next day we start our day slowly as we didn’t feel like leaving each other. Peter showed me what he packed, important and not important, useful and not useful, etc. We spent couple of hours at breakfast and coke stops.

 We gave each other one final hug and best wishes as Peter camped in the rim of Lake Chala and I headed back to Arusha for further preparations of ‘Chile to Kili’. Stay turned for more info as soon we will launch the movement, there will be also plenty of chance if you want to join me for a stretch.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011


It is one hour ago since the bright sun slowly rise from Ethiopian highlands set a blaze the Khartoum vast sky, the gentle breeze from the desert blew the dust on the deserted street create the pleasant moment for the folks on the two wheels. Few men on the whites and woman on the blacks curious staring at mzungus chasing one another, how far are they going?

I bet that should be the question. Slowly traffic intensify, on the city outskirt lie bus livestock market most got and ships on sell, the small shacks, the man on the white robes and tabernacles moving around caring bay got or ship, negotiating or sometime shout to each other its total exotic scene. Some riders stop and tack few snaps for Swedish guy, Kistin photo wasn’t enough he actually end up buying small got and put it in the rear camera bag, “Got get a ride”.

As town lie behind comes few small town ships where you will greeted buy you children who never give the shirt if you like it or not they will say hello! Repeat for couple of time before we reach lunch it was you against the wind for certain extension of time. It is a stretch of eight days without rest day till we hit Gondar, Ethiopia. Every day was a new day with total different experience hot, dust, flat tires (max. 10 per person per day), bumping road, get lost and last but not on the list Sudanese’s particular kindness. Stranger pop in the village with explanation that they will camp here, within hours you farm it home of more than 60 people moving around just like they have been there for ages.

 Those with courage especial old folks brought coffee and chai which you may not be able to turn down though it is 30C hot. In one occasion there was a speech from local leader who couldn’t hide his emotion; Asalam alekhum wa barackatu…! It is our pleasure to host you in our village, though we didn’t prepare much for you are coming your most welcome. Next year we ask your management to let us know in advance for now we bring you few drinks”.

The cold drinks is un imaginable think which you can only dream or luckily get in the coke stop, this one was consisting mineral water, pineapple juice Pepsi and non alcoholic beer! The speech was in the English which require you rearrange those sentences in order to get proper mining. I’m worry that is you will let this guys no your coming perhaps they will slaughter couple of camel and you will not have space to put what you can’t take.

 It might be a bit of confusion ordinary people are natural kind to strangers or the basic fundament of their religion is to share what they have now the politician with their bad reputation us it by saying “we are always kind and welcome so…next time bring you family for vacation in Sudan!
The begin of Sudan contradict it end no beer, official progress such as permit for taking photos, persistence hot which eventual reach 47 C and wind plus the 3 days on bumping road make Ethiopia to sound like “Promising Land”. There was big up loud when I announce last ride meeting in Sudan and comment that bordered crossing is a slow process but soon when you’re in Ethiopia side just get “Dishen” a Ethiopian beer and take it ease.

We had lunch in the Sudan side 40km from boarder both Gallabat and Matema border post they among of slowest border I have ever come across, it is just one person recording all needed and unneeded information on large book. If you are from less known country or white and having South African passport they will pass it around discussing and if they will not satisfy themselves they might bomb you with questions as they ask this white South African guy “Where is South Africa?” After spend reasonable amount of time in the immigration where everyone leave on his time been stop is busy Matema small town for beers and injira or cycle 4 km to come.

As you seat you feet in the crossing line between these county which may share some almost forget past historical relation to today oil, labor, food product, etc you will have strong sees of difference. Form body morphology to dressing, if is not every building it vehicles and if not that is everyone on the cloth having a Red, Golden and Green colors. These colors have been adopted with most of African country and most of Africanism organizations plus Rastafarian movement. That is how we enter among of the oldest country in the world. It rolling hills, twisted landscape bushes full of birds and favorable climate together make the best riding day for most of the riders.

As well as second day except that this one become more challenge as it take you to the highest climb of the tour 2502m if that wasn’t enough there are fun kids who shout to you “You! You! Where you go?” if you will not replay wave and smile you likely to be hit by stone or get stick.

 Anyways their lovely kids who may be have been effected “We are the world” so they believe that they should be given everything money, clothes or shoes is what they will comfortably demand from you. Stone throwing is more like a game for them as I come across some of them playing it seriously.
It was a long day as I sweep then get on towards Gondar, it look more historical town with it old castle, several churches. It also a center for highland people Amaranya . Stay turn for next up to day as I’ll be collecting much fact about the legend Ethiopia.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sudan “Land of Blacks”…wild & beauty

That is but contrary in the political. In the northern Sudan east of Nile there is nothing than beautiful calm desert. After spent sometime in the desert we come in contact with might Nile again possible to swim with only caution of crocodile.

Soon after crossing to Sudan with the welcome faces of ordinary Sudanese’s life have become ease once again the tense of Egypt which was built by both environment and social have reduced. In the rest day at Dongola riders are connected to their daily life with coke only, strictly no alcohol! So we take it ease find our comfort in the desert which now it become more sophisticated as it gives you all the hope and energy in the morning as it let the sun catch every one awareness and utter “it is beautiful day”. In the midday it is damn hot, it doesn’t forgive you neither the land. Your venerable so you try to protect yourself by adding sun lotion and drink lot but the war remain for sun and desert. Desert rise wind to cool itself , this might be within three of them and they can be conquered only by patient and that is how we make it to capital of Sudan, Khartoum.
Desert storm…
One thing which I didn’t talk about in the previous blog was a desert storm which hit us in the 2nd desert camp or so. This storm was a worse one so far made people awake till 11pm this is real lait for TDA, it also damage mansions and Sheratons, these are over size tents. Now I refer this storm with current situation in Cairo, it is a storm blew from west to east. It was successful in Tunis but what about Egypt? Where it will be next destination?
No one can imagine if we were still in Egypt since under normal situation we had polices stick with use till we get out. Now in Sudan, thanks referendum results are postponed to February at least we’ll be out of Khartoum on our way to Ethiopia.
In most of African countries it always advice not to discuss politics and I tried to avoid that but Africans we don’t have opportunity to meet often so when I meet with others African it become total impossible avoiding to talk about our problems. Most of Sudanese are na├»ve and no almost nothing unless they are recent southerner escaped war but for the war which have been there since 1955 , young generation who their family flew to north has little memory and interest may be the political trick of religion have good effect on them. In one occasion I had a long chart with Ethiopian and Eritrean, we are well connected since our syllabuses allow us to learn about each African country. The worst account was from Eritrean guy who tell about business of selling people which is still existing in horn of Africa don’t mention the dictatorship which no could predict it end. As usual such conversation doesn’t have conclusion instead has question, when this part of word will have at least suitable situation? How is responsible for changers?


As we stick with Nile moving from one historical town to another, the scenery is still stunning and wonderful, the green valley bordered with backed desert just divided by road. The bounty of the landscape is added by Nubian villages along the valley, some abandoned, some still in use. These plus Nubian people with their dressing who mostly you will, meet on the carts pulled by donkeys though it not pleasant to look how these people worked the animal here, in most occasion you will see people sitting under shade drinking chai, tea. It is like traveling back to centuries.
At Edfu we had few hours break as we made it in town early, it is harbor of Nile. There are plenty of Nile cruise ships stops here for break whereby passengers board horse cart across the town to the temple. In down town guys shout at me “my cousin” so blacks are cousin of Nubian!
Being tail, head or sides wind it was only dinner talking but eventually we made to Assuan. The most southern and beautiful city of Egypt with all the fancy such Novel hotel on the Nile and MacDonald all this absorb riders for few hours. In the next morning it was convoy though outstriket of Assuan, Assuan dams with magnificent view of Nile as it meander through the desert, our beloved Egypt end on the lake Naser.
It take almost two hours of straggling to get in the boat then two hours again of make sure everything was under control. The boat is the link between two similar but not the same country, Egypt is far to the modern while her cousin straggling in the primitive but with the same need. Arabs are merchants according to history and that is what I found out here. The commodity are range from food product such sugar, rice to electronics such TV, air condition all, cell phone, etc. all is all but “Made in China”. As usual outsider you will be amazed by the local culture and tradition, if you will say let me wait it going to take the whole day. May be somewhere else but here these guys carrying 20 t0 30kg or any sort of balk sack they only shout to each other, “I’m going in!” Yes I see but let me get out first”, “No”” Me first for the god sake this sack it is very heavy “. So it goes for hundred people or so. For western quality it this boat is peace of “shirt” , no one will be left behind, what called “second class” maybe it is not for more than 20 passengers so today most of as we will be in “Non class” on the deck with service of fresh air and wonderful sun set and rise. At 5pm we set off.
At 12am in the next day we was in Wadi Alfa harbor take some few hours going though custom and migration posses ride in convoy for few km to the camp.

Friday, January 21, 2011


A part of pyramids tour Cairo wasn’t a place I’ll hang out for more than two idle days. It need time to copy up with locals who take every one as a typical tourist no matter how you may try to avoid it. It was a good time to explore a bit history on this mother of civilization though I find out late I was badly reaped off but it was worth it.

The countdown comes close as I met my fellow stuffs who are simply representing the entire world, shake hands with early arrive rides, diner, Stella (the popular beer which will cost you enough to find it as it considered as “haramu”, forbidden or so) with daily minor tasks all these make the 5 days in the five stars resort pass fast than I was expecting.

My experience in Cairo might make a book so let me keep it on my diary and if I’ll happen to have a chance to publish it when I’m old it will be my pension for me. But few things is Egyptian are specific breed which in order to copy up with them you need some time with lots of patient. They don’t drink but they smoke badly. How they drive is only gods knows. Food is what it will always remand you Egypt their variety, tasty and cheap.
Though tourism have been here for almost 500 years ago few bother themselves to educate themselves more particular in teams of communication. Usually they will bomb you with normal questions You’re name?, Where from? Then Want to see pyramids? Horse, Camel, Donkey ride? Perfume and papyrus are items which they will try to sell you indirectly.
The long waited day 15 Jan final is here probably the largest group of tourist every attempt to cross the legendary continent, Africa. The long queue of 102 cyclists set of from Cataract Pyramids Resort heavily protected by police we maneuver our way to great pyramids of Giza. The open ceremony was brief since it was cold riders take photos, paparazzi try to did what the can. I wonder how they will have to put it so ordinary people will understand the concept behind people crossing Africa on two wheels. Reasonable amount of time was spent on convoy getting out of Cairo though before dark every rider make 134km, that was good begin! As some of riders I happened to chart with such Ethiopian couple this was their longest distance on bike.
It is first desert camp everyone is happy to open the tent for the first time and make most of it on the vast desert space. That was not the end of surprise, James; the cook has great hot soup followed by amazing dinner. The fun thing about TDA no matter how many riders or how strong they might be but always after dinner around 7:30pm the whole camp is quiet. Every one wants to save energy for next day. The next day was long day 167km and the fact that everyone was still tense just to show the legendary continent how best she or he is. In that day there was no much discussion as no one has interest of talk about it.
We are in the Red Sea though it is blue so the days are just desert and sea. It is bit boring but racers they just to finish their day, those who are in good in meditation enjoy the emptiness of desert with plenty of air and those who cannot take more than they can afford their support vehicle to fetch them.
It goes slow when you’re on the last minutes of your day and consider it for 115days but in the actual sense days are passing and the tour become more fun. That was among of the comment of the days, the night passed at Safaga town; the camp was on the Red Sea beach so the time to get shower and cold bears.
The day from Safaga was just the continue of African bounty as we left the beach go through the mountain range. It was real pleasant cycling as the gentle climb road meander through the overhanging rocks. We pass the night at the police check point anyways we do have police with us everyday. It may surprise how tourists security it big issue here but as I say before they also don’t even speak English apart of not having ideal what is tourism by the ways we feel secure in the desert.
The rotation of working up dismantle your tent breakfast jump on bike stop for lunch then pitch tent diner and crush, it might be bit tire some of other if not all; “rest day seem like a holiday in the vacation” one of the rider told me. It is a rest day in Laxour among of the accident town in the upper Egypt. In this particular time riders take time to recover from routine, being conventional tourists by visiting Kings & Queens valley, temples, etc.