Monday, February 9, 2009

Elvis Humphrey

Elvis Humphrey Munis is an African youth with the type of vision that is generated only when poignant personal experience collides with extraordinary vantage point. Just as Africa is a continent of contrast, Elvis’s world consists of point and counter-point. From the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Elvis might feel his imagination soar, reluctant to let his eyes drop to the villages below where despair hangs heavy like cooking smoke. As he skirts the plains of the threatened land known as the Serengeti, the word “fragility” goes round and round in his mind, like the spinning wheels of his bike. And though he may open the way to those attracted by the richness and natural splendor of Eastern Africa, he honors the sacred trust of such places as Ngorongoro preserve in the crater highlands of Tanzania.

Elvis started Afrikas Safari in 2007 with several goals in mind. He recognized how important it is to look well beyond what is on hand today to a future time when African treasures might hang in balance along with those everywhere on the globe. He has aligned his company with partners engaged in conservative, sustainable development and eco-tourism endeavors.

Elvis is inquisitive by nature and asks hard questions. How can we Africans best counter backwardness with personal development? How can we foster self-empowerment to combat poverty and dependence? Elvis is charting his own way down this new road: He is pulling himself up by his bicycle cleats. His efforts to promote education have included a recent bicycle ride through twenty countries. Beginning in Arusha, Tazmania, Elvis and others ended their trip two months later in Cape Town.

Elvis was born in Marangu village in 1986. He has lived in Tanzania all his life but in the process of building his business, has traveled to 14 countries. His entrepreneurial spirit is helping him to overcome his impoverished start in life. He would like to help other Africans move beyond poverty and work toward a stronger place in the modern world.