Sunday, July 5, 2009

NAMIBIA-R.S.A (Republic of South Africa)

In the Namibia side, 5km from the border Trans Kalahari border post I found West gate rest camp but I could not pay because I had not cash with me.The ATM(Cash) machine around refused to accept my credit card. Around 20:00hrs I got lift which took me to Gobabs town.Gobabs town situated 100km from the Trans Kalahari border post. I reach Gobabs midnight. I went around the town searching for affordable accommodation without success. I decided to cycle towards west to Windhoek which found 200km from Gobabs. It was very pleasant cycling during the nigh. There was less traffic in the road. I found several springbok in the road. In particular occasion I found one springbok which have been hit by vehicle few minutes from when I arrived. The car which hit the springbok was bad destroyed.The dark swallowed by the sun rise slowly. It was stunning to see how the sun shining those dark brown grasses in the dry Savannah of west Namibia when I was still cycling. I could hear from single bird call to anthem interrupted by vehicle which started to increase in numbers one hour later. About 30 km to city center the bicycle bag stand break. In this time it needed welding to rejoined it. I hire tax which took me up to Chameleon backpackers where I overnight and serviced my bicycle. The backpackers become an alternative and affordable accommodation in the touristic towns in this expedition. The price in backpackers it's 5 US $ to 9US$ P.P. camping. Most of them offers self-catering kitchen. I spent two night at Chameleon Backpackers.

I left Windhoek city, cycling towards south. The city situated in the hills. I cycled in the slop down and flat terrain, passed Rehaboth town 85km for Windhoek. I overnight at the farm about 30km from Rehoboth. In the following I kept on cycling towards towards south, passed through extensive grassy plains punctuated with the occasional windmill. At the everning I reached Mariental town. I ride 5km out of town and overnight at somebody front yard. The house owner work up and find me parking my tent.They thought I was repair my bicycle. I full my water bottles here and cycled for the whole day in the semi-desert. Now I become attached with the desert. The desert is relative dry. After couples of kilometers I was able to find water which pulled up by wind machine. In the everning I reached Keetmanshop town. I camped and overnight at Caravan Park (Municipal campsite). I was feeling very tired and the body was out so exhaust. I slept without know what will follow in the next day, but, when I work up and look my map I decide to cycle to Noordoewer. I reached Noordower 23:45hrs. After finished with immigration in Namibia side. I cycled for about 4km crossed Orange/Oranje river to R.S.A, at Vioolsdrif border post. Here there were sad news, when the immigration work told me "unfortunately" you'll have to go back Windhoek to obtain visa in R.S.A(Republic of South Africa) embassy". I felt like my body paralyze for second but not much dispointed, perhaps, because of several challenges and testimony which I went through in this expedition. Good news and bad one for me sound the same.

Now I'm at the small town in southern Namibia, tried to make communication with embassy without any sign of hope. I get used to this Nam land I feel like I want to live here, Ooh no my Namibia visa will expire soon!.

What then? 600km to Cape.