Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tour D'Afrique 2010

I met with Michael Coo, the Tour d'Afrique office re presenter from Ontario Canada in the evening of march 14th at Maasai camp. He introduced to me our driver Eddy a.k.a trust the guide. In the next morning we left Arusha driving towards west of town for our new route scouting, before the sun sink to the west we set up our bush camp on the hills of Mbulu highlands. Next day we drove to Singida town, visit market, hotel which could be used and so on. We continue with our driving few stop for marking point on GPS for place such Cake stops, Chai stops, bush camp and much more. In the evening we set up our bush camp on the calm and tranquilly miombo woodlands of Rugwa game reserve. Made our dinner followed by cup of coffee then each hide in the tents listen for monotonous calling before interrupted by rain. We left our lovely bush camp in the morning driving to Mbeya stopped on the way for lunch of Maandazi (sort of donate or fat cake as people of southern Africa called them). The day highlight was driving through highest point of tare roads in Tanzania interns of elevation. In this Mbeya Range the road went up to 25000m.a.s.l, I'm worry next year TDA riders will fly on the descend to Mbeya town.

We left Mbeya and drove to Iringa where Eddy our fun friend ever dropped us, from Iringa we board bus which my colleague Mike called "Chicken Bus" to Dodoma town. Here we met the historical continental tour, TDA riders and Staffs.

I spent six days with tour frankly to say dream come true, I anticipated to work with this amazing company on their wonderful cross Africa bicycle race and expedition. I cycled and help with different task as well all these enrich and enlighten me with different operation tasks.

Thanks to all TDA staffs for their generosity and unmeasurable kindness towards me during my short train with the tour. Tanzania Cycling Tour Packages