Thursday, February 3, 2011


As we stick with Nile moving from one historical town to another, the scenery is still stunning and wonderful, the green valley bordered with backed desert just divided by road. The bounty of the landscape is added by Nubian villages along the valley, some abandoned, some still in use. These plus Nubian people with their dressing who mostly you will, meet on the carts pulled by donkeys though it not pleasant to look how these people worked the animal here, in most occasion you will see people sitting under shade drinking chai, tea. It is like traveling back to centuries.
At Edfu we had few hours break as we made it in town early, it is harbor of Nile. There are plenty of Nile cruise ships stops here for break whereby passengers board horse cart across the town to the temple. In down town guys shout at me “my cousin” so blacks are cousin of Nubian!
Being tail, head or sides wind it was only dinner talking but eventually we made to Assuan. The most southern and beautiful city of Egypt with all the fancy such Novel hotel on the Nile and MacDonald all this absorb riders for few hours. In the next morning it was convoy though outstriket of Assuan, Assuan dams with magnificent view of Nile as it meander through the desert, our beloved Egypt end on the lake Naser.
It take almost two hours of straggling to get in the boat then two hours again of make sure everything was under control. The boat is the link between two similar but not the same country, Egypt is far to the modern while her cousin straggling in the primitive but with the same need. Arabs are merchants according to history and that is what I found out here. The commodity are range from food product such sugar, rice to electronics such TV, air condition all, cell phone, etc. all is all but “Made in China”. As usual outsider you will be amazed by the local culture and tradition, if you will say let me wait it going to take the whole day. May be somewhere else but here these guys carrying 20 t0 30kg or any sort of balk sack they only shout to each other, “I’m going in!” Yes I see but let me get out first”, “No”” Me first for the god sake this sack it is very heavy “. So it goes for hundred people or so. For western quality it this boat is peace of “shirt” , no one will be left behind, what called “second class” maybe it is not for more than 20 passengers so today most of as we will be in “Non class” on the deck with service of fresh air and wonderful sun set and rise. At 5pm we set off.
At 12am in the next day we was in Wadi Alfa harbor take some few hours going though custom and migration posses ride in convoy for few km to the camp.