Monday, November 7, 2011

When books are open we find that we have wings….

When books are open we find that we have wings….

 Inspiration its one of driving power which drive us to achieve so many things in our life, guess ever one have been inspired. When I share my achievement with other especial here back home it happen to find there two main group of audience, first group understand that there inspiration, motivation, etc behind me while the second group thought is a miracle and I just happen to do them by chance. This remands me a beautiful passage from Jane Goodall “Reason for Hope” ‘Africa is locked in a time warp of mystification. Africans mystifies everything. It is the pseudo-modernism of today’s Africa: one foot in the primitive and heavily complexed past and another in Modernism, in a superfluous and destructively competitive way; with no heart in it. It is the same way, through lack of understanding; or un willingness of commit the effort to understand…’ Even though I have never gave too much thought about my inspiration but when I feel this I start to think of long list of inspiration.

The list vary from folks I hear about, meet, what I see (Hollywood movies), etc but the one I remember very well it is the one I attain through complex way of peaking one alphabet combine them to make a word, sentence, process it in the brain till I can use it as I knowledge and understand; BOOKS, books carry lot of mystery, this is my list which has a great influence on me in terms of inspiration. Chinua Achebe’s - These were literature books with fictionalized stories of Nigeria which fit in so many sub-Sahara Africa countries.

 His work such as ‘Things fall apart and Man of the people’ were a stories which before I though it was shame, it was about our awkwardness but after reading it several time I found out it was worth tell story, in young age I was starting to feel proud of my history. I was inspired by the way he twists the reality; put it in fun way with sense of humor yet very concerning. I think there are more stories like that need to be told and I was read to find them one day.

  Think Big-(Ben Cason) - I grow up in the Christian family pass to all religions to reach ‘respect others believe, mother nature is a supreme’. Thanks that Christianity emphasize on learning more. Ben made it out from huge pool of racial discrimination, suburbs of Detroit and single parent childhood. His work which connected with Christianity is dedicated to youth realizing their potential through ‘Power of positive thinking’ while inspire with his achievement.

  Reason for Hope - (Jane Goodall) I’m motivated to see the conservation of nature given a priority in our daily life. Jane’s story is one of its kind, how she made it all the way, come up with her mission ‘Education, Conservation and Humanitarian’. I share her optimism. Into Africa - This book come in when it come to the question of adventures and history. It combination of obsession, desire of fame, passion, etc sent first Europeans explores into Africa.

 Here it is their encounters which are total unimaginable. It also talking of their discovery impacts and consequences such as ends of slave trade and pass Africa to colonial rulers. Paulo Coelho’s - Despite of his books having lots of contradictions and face high criticism back home, Coelho still influence and stimulate lots of people.

 I come across ‘The Alchemist’ before taking off on my first long bike ride; It was a piece of work which give rebirth of dreams. It was easy to find all of his books from different part, backpacker’s hotel shelves, other travelers, etc. ‘The young all have the same dream: to save the world. Some quickly forget this dream, convinced that there are more important things to do, like having a family, earning money, travelling and learning a foreign language. Others though, decide that it really is possible to make a difference in society and to shape the world we will and on future generation’ Paulo Coelho. Lance Armstrong- Since I switched my awareness in the bike, I come to know this several times winner of Tour De France/cancer survivor, read his bio and achievement it enough to inspire any one. The list run so on and so forth, now I’ll be happy to share them here as part of my inspiration and motivation.

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